Profone Mobile Tracker

Find a cell phone's location online free of charge by cell tower triangulation using LAC (Location Area Code) and Cell ID from PC or Smartphone, no GPS required. This is the successor to the original Profone GSM tracker and CDMA GPS tracker, now you can search CDMA cell towers here too.

Got LAC in Hexadecimal? Try the converter. Try my new tool cell tower map. How to find Cell ID and LAC!

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What is Profone Mobile Tracker

Profone Mobile Tracker has been updated, and the new version is called Profone Mobile tracker, it uses MCC, MNC (SID), LAC (NID) and Cell ID (BID) to determine the position of a mobile device.

What is MCC

MCC stands for mobile country code, it's an unique three digit code assigned and managed by ITU to identify the country which a mobile subscriber belongs. For example, MCC 310 is used by US.

What is MNC

MNC stands for mobile network code, this unique 2 or 3 digit code is used to identify a carrier together with MCC. For example, you see 310-090, you know it's AT&T in USA.

What is LAC

LAC stands for location area code, it's used by carriers to identify a location area where the cell towers are located. However it's not unique, different countries and carriers could have the same LAC. In general, you know MCC, MNC and LAC, you could know the approximate location of a cell phone.

What is Cell ID

Cell ID is used to identify a base transceiver station within an area identified by LAC. A cell tower could have more than one (1) cell ID. You know a Cell ID, you know the location of a cell phone. You know more than 3 cell towers, you can pinpoint a cell phone.

How accurate is the tool

It depends on how many cell towers you can find within your area. In general, the density is higher in the urban areas especially at downtown. While in rural areas, where there are fewer cell towers, the result is less accurate. I have done a few tests in area where I could find more than three (3) cell towers, the margin of error is within 30 meters upon using my improved algorithm.

What's New!! As a successor to the Profone GSM Tracker, the updated version now is capable of searching CDMA cell towers too, just use MNC as System ID, LAC as Network ID, and Cell ID as Basestation ID.