Cellphonetrackers.org review – How to use Profone GSM tracker

This is basically a simple, briefed review about Cellphonetrackers.org, namely Profone GSM tracker, and a little tutorial too.

It has been years since the first debut of Profone GSM tracker, however a lot of people still do not know how to use it and what it can do for them. I keep receiving numerous of requests asking to track their lost devices, or how to use my tool via Emails or Facebook page.

First off, since it’s a short review, I’d like to say Cellphonetrackers.org has some of the most terrific tools for mobile device location tracking. It has the most extensive data in database and the fastest response. It has been working steadily years for vehicle tracking companies, app developers, polices and researcher. However it’s not a tool designed for ordinary or end users to track their lost or stolen cell phones directly in real-time.

What is Profone GSM tracker and what it can do for you?

Although there’s not much it can do to track your stolen device, it does provide location data to mobile tracking apps you use on your handset. And that’s why people have been asking me to stop tracking their mobile phone without my knowing.

In short, Profone GSM tracker is an online location database driven service intended for GPS tracking devices and softwares. However many people use it for other purposes too. But it’s not a tool you can use to track your handset unless you install some kind of location apps in the first place, and this is the key point I will elaborate later.

Profone tracker has only data, no apps yet. It provides an interface for people to query the location of cell phone towers and WiFi access points that cell phones could connect. This is also the way people to pinpoint a mobile device remotely. But Profone tracker alone could not do that.

You send the data (generally MCC,MNC,LAC,CID,MAC address etc) to Profone tracker and it returns the location information, as simple as that. But you need to get that data in the first place. Some people ask me about how to get those data out of their cell phone number, well that’s an impossible mission. But hey I will introduce how to find those data step by step. Since I do not have any iOS devices, this tutorial is written exclusively for Android.

If you have the phone at hand

1. Open dial-pad and type *#4636#*#*, on most Android devices it will see something like this.

Well, tap phone information and it will prompt you this. Scroll down and you will see cell location info including MCC, MNC, LAC and CID ets, just what we need.

2. Download install apps that can find your location data. For example, I use GSM signal monitoring. Fire up the app, and you will see the cell id. But you can always try other apps.

How to get the location data remotely

This is something people are eager to know. Unfortunately there is no magic, you won’t get those data until you have installed some anti-theft apps beforehand. Most people do not realize the importance of anti-theft apps until they lose their handset.
If you do have location tracking apps installed, some of them would send you a text message containing MCC and CID etc, for example.

The one who sends this text message is using your cell phone. The location data are as follows: MCC:460; MNC:0; CELLID:22322; LAC:17963.

With the data you will be able to see the current location. Open https://cellphonetrackers.org/gsm/gsm-tracker.php in your browser, enter the data you get via SMS, most possibly you will see the location on a map.