Another update for Profone cell tower map

I have not written a thing here on this blog over the past few months, however I did not stop working on this project. As matter of fact, I have been constantly improving, introducing and testing new functionalities. I think now is the time to release and introduce them to you, my dear readers.

In case you do not know it yet, what I am talking about is the new cell tower map which can be found here. Profone cell tower map lets you find the nearest cell towers anywhere around the world. It’s available to US visitors at first, and was later made available to almost all countries. In order to use it, you need to go through the country and city list and find your city, then it will show you cell site within 2 miles of that area. If you know the GPS coordinates then you can go to the final page directly and enter them there to get quicker results.

The reason that I was providing a country and city list is that in most countries and cities there are simply way too many cell sites to display them on a single map. For example, in USA alone there are over 10 million of cell phone towers, it’s basically impossible to show all of them at the same time as the performance drops dramatically, basically your browser will stuck and go dead in a few seconds. However I do use a single map to show all of the cell towers from many carriers which have only a few thousands of cell towers.

Now let’s dive into what I am bring to you today. I would like to focus on two key points in this post. Cell tower radio filter out and cell tower map auto-renew.

Cell tower radio types filter out

When you go to the cell tower map page, cell towers of all radio types will show up, including 2G(GSM,CDMA), 3G(UMTS), 4G(LTE), and unknown radio types. 5G cell sites are to be seen as not many countries have deployed 5G cell sites. Sometimes however, you just want to see 2G or 4G cell towers in an area. Well this is what this update concerns. The new version will allow you to see cell tower of specific radio types.

Above the map you will see a few options, namely 2G, 3G, 4G, Show all and Clear all. If you just want to see 4G cell towers, check 4G. If you want to see 2G cell sites at the same time, check 2G too. If you change your mind and want to view all cell sites, just check ‘show all’. The ‘clear all’ is not something you may want, but, if you find your browser starts to stuck, tap it should help, and it removes all cell towers from the map too.

Cell tower map auto-renew

You need to find your city or its GPS coordinates to search for cell towers in the past, although this has made very easy by clicking anywhere on the map and its coordinate will automatically show up in the search area, I have made it even easier now. This time, the new update lets you tap or click any place in the map and the tool will get the latitude and longitude automatically and show cell towers within 1 mile. That is, you need to do nothing except tapping or clicking the map. If there are cell sites around that place, they will show up within a few seconds, usually 1-3 seconds depending on your internet speed.

So you just have to zoom in / out the map to find your cities or places, the map will take care of the rest.

As you may know, too many cell towers in a single map will cause performance drops, the cell sites will be automatically cleared once there are 10,000 cell towers shown to avoid lags and stuck. Again, if you find any lags and stuck, clear all option should help.

Above two points are what I am most eager to share with you. If you have any feedback, as always, please let me know in the comment section or on Facebook.