Profone map and cell tower search update

It’s has been while since last post was written and been published on this blog. I have made some minor changes over the past week and here’s a little note.

I have just made a few minor changes, which makes I do not think it’s necessary to write about them in a single post. However I also don’t believe it’s enough to say just a few words on Facebook, especially giving that those who may need to see them may not be able to as new status update having been constantly pushing the old updates down.

Profone Map update

I will start with the map. As you may know, I use the map to show various cell sites, WiFi access point and IP addresses. Well I did not change the functionality however. I have just made it easier to share your location.

This time, after the update, it will be able to show more details about your cell phone tower or access point. I assume you first go to Profone GSM tracker, perform a search and it gives you location in format like Lat=60.208496 Lon=24.752834. It’s actually a link, clicking on it will lead you to the map.

The page will show your cell tower info like MCC, MNC alongside with its location information, and the location (latitude and longitude) will be shown on a marker placed on the map. In the meantime, it will also generate a link automatically about itself. You can either share that link (copy and paste) with others or bookmark it as clicking on that link will lead you to that very same location.

This works the same with WiFi tracker and IP tracker.

Profone search tool update

I have done the same sharing thing as the Profone map. This enables my visitors to share the base stations or wireless access points in a certain area or bookmark it for later usage.

I have added WiFi access points search during this update. Now you will be able to see more access points basically anywhere. When you use my WiFi tracker or locator or the map it will prompt you the new feature. Just try one for yourself here.

As I have already shared on my Facebook page, you can click on any place on the map and it will show the specific latitude and longitude below the map. Next to the GPS coordinates is the search button. Once you select a spot on the map, you can hit search to see the neighboring cell sites or access points. Remember to choose what you want to search first in the drop down menu, the default option is cell phone tower.

As to how many neighboring targets you can see, it really depends on two factors. 1. How many targets in that area are stored in my database. 2. I have limited the number to up to 50. If there are only 8 in that area in my database, you see 8. If there are more than 50, you will see 50 at most. Well maybe 50 is not enough, we can always make that number larger later.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section, thanks